Aleksandar Ljubic, MD, PhD


Professor Aleksandar Ljubić, MD PhD, is a world-known gynecologist recognized for his expertise in reproductive medicine and high-risk pregnancies.
He was educated at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Belgrade, with postgraduate education in the USA, Japan, UK, and Greece. He was the lead investigator in 12 national and international scientific projects, published more than 500 publications – in peer-reviewed magazines – 73, with an overall citation number – of 1222, a Hi-index of 18.

Over the past thirty-five years, he has successfully completed tens of thousands of IVFs, childbirths, and treatments of high-risk pregnancies. He is the pioneer in invasive ultrasound guided fetal procedures, direct maturation of fetal lungs, inventor of method of perinatal hearing screening, non-surgical fibroids treatment and advanced NOTES laparoscopic procedures. Professor’s recent research areas include reproductive and perinatal biotechnology, regenerative medicine, assisted reproduction, minimally invasive reproductive surgery, and tumor biology. He is experimenting with novel biological therapies for sterility as well as new discoveries for life longevity. He created the SEGOVA and SEMPRE RB programs for ovarian rejuvenation and longevity, respectively.

He is one of the founders of Vincula Biotech Group, and the director of BioCell Hospital in Belgrade.

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