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The Association for Science and Autism – nAUkaTIZAM is an organization composed of parents who have closely followed scientific developments in the field of autism for years. New scientific insights and treatment opportunities for autism spectrum disorder are becoming available every day in the world, and currently, it is difficult to get them in Serbia and in the region. The goal of our association is to help the scientific and medical institutions in our region to get appropriate training from the leading scientists and practitioners in this field, which in turn will allow the patients with autism and their parents to get the support of our medical institutions, and wherever else they need it.

Our association currently has chapters and representatives in three countries: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, and Serbia. We hope to utilize the already existing resources, and create new opportunities for all individuals living with autism spectrum disorder. For example, many families affected by autism live in small communities, and it is difficult for them to get regular speech therapy treatments. That is why one of our goals is to localize already existing apps, and create new ones, so that parents can help their children in their home, at their pace, for a small price.

The Association “Children without Limits” is a non-governmental and non-profit association, founded to achieve goals in the field of health care and other rights of children with autism spectrum disorder. The idea to create our Association arose through the exchange of experiences of parents of children diagnosed with autism spectrum (autism, disharmonious development, Asperger’s syndrome, etc.), who, wanting to help their children, first began to exchange information informally. What connects these parents is the understanding that autism is not a psychiatric disorder, but a complex medical disorder, which for that reason requires comprehensive medical treatment.

The mission of our Association is to support children with autism spectrum disorders to realize all their potentials, through the use of the latest scientific research and knowledge and improvement of the healthcare system. The vision of our Association is for all children with autism spectrum disorders to realize their full intellectual and social potential.

The association operates in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia, and is open to members from other countries in the region.

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