Dušan Marić, MD, PhD


Pediatric surgery specialist and orthopedic specialist. Since 2015, the head of the elective course “Regenerative medicine” in integrated studies and the head of regenerative orthopedics in doctoral studies (University of Novi Sad). In regenerative medicine, his focus is on neuro-regeneration, robotic rehabilitation, cellular signaling in orthopedics and neurology, as well as stimulating the activity of stem cells. His latest scientific papers focus on homing mechanism for stem cells in intrathecal application.

Co-founder and Co-owner and CMO, of Vincula Biotech Group, Founder and president of the Orthopedic society of Serbia, Cofounder and Co vice president of SEEBRA,Member of Scientific Committee of Global Regenerative Academy. His efforts in the ecosystem of Vincula Biotech Group include BTOA – Biological therapy of autism and BTOCP – Biological therapy of cerebral palsy.

All Sessions on SEECA

1st Day 2 June 2022

There is no session on this day

2nd Day 3 June 2022

13:45 – 15:00

Panel discussion: Stem Cell Treatment (SCT) & Autism

3rd Day 4 June 2022

There is no session on this day

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