Džihan Abazović, MD


Džihan Abazović, MD was born in Ulcinj in 1982. He is the oldest child in the family. He completed elementary school and high school in Ulcinj, after which he got his bachelor’s degree from the Medical Faculty of the University of Belgrade. Doctor Džihan continued his education and earned the title of Emergency Medicine Specialist at the Medical Faculty in Belgrade. In addition to obtaining a formal education, he enhanced his knowledge by practicing regenerative medicine in numerous, namely Brazil and the Netherlands.

In his professional career, his interests are not limited to the field of emergency medicine, which he practiced for a long time and was the head of the department in Ulcinj. His interests expand to the field of regenerative medicine, closely dealing with the use of stem cells and blood derivatives as one of the pioneers in our region. In 2013, doctor Abazović made the decision to focus on regenerative medicine, first at the Renova clinic, where he also served as medical director, and then expanded his knowledge and skills through collaborations with other clinics. His interest in science has not lagged and is reflected in numerous published scientific papers in the field of regenerative medicine in world-renowned journals. Today, doctor Abazović is a frequent lecturer by profession and an educator for the use of blood derivatives and stem cells for various indications around the world. He is also a co-owner, founder and director of Vincula Biotech Group. The company consists, among other things, of 2 hospitals, in Belgrade and Novi Sad, where the latest medical procedures are performed.

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1st Day 2 June 2022

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Panel discussion: Stem Cell Treatment (SCT) & Autism

3rd Day 4 June 2022

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